On Set With Michelle Williams – If We Had Your Eyes

What can I say but an AMAZING song!!! It was a privilege and honor to capture the behind the scenes video with Michelle Williams. We filmed the video in three locations in Atlanta, GA. The first location was downtown Atlanta where production contacted the city to block off a street. Normally production will wet the streets to give it a certain look, but luckily on this day it finished raining literally 10 minutes before we began shooting.

The second location was an undisclosed house not too far from downtown. The acting component of the video talent not too pleased with herself was nothing short of brilliant. Makeup created cuts on her wrist and accented the tears in the eyes of the video talent. Michelle had a performance shot on the stairs.

The final location was at Industry Studios/ Derek Blanks.

Behind the Scenes Video

If We Had Your Eyes (Behind the Scenes) from Eric Blanks on Vimeo.

Some images you may see me in (Photography by Eric Humphry):

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